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I am running for Congress because I believe the federal government needs to help ordinary people live a better life, and Dan Newhouse and Donald Trump have fought every step of the way to make sure it does the opposite.  Forty years of the same trickle down, anti-worker, pro-corporate policies that Dan Newhouse and Donald Trump are forcing on the American public have made everyone's life harder except for a tiny cohort of multi-millionaires.  We need to change that.


Growing up, I was blessed with every advantage this country has to offer.  I was able to build a great life for me and my family.  But my four sons are still in their twenties.  Unless we change, they will not have the advantages and opportunities I did.  Not even close.  My goal is to change that.  My goal is to make sure that every kid in Eastern Washington can have all the advantages and opportunities I had growing up. I know America can do it.  We did it before, and we will do it again.  The truth is, I don't believe we don't have to change very much to make America work for everyday working people.  If we get just a handful of things right, we can turn America's problems around for everyone.  

We need wages to go up, and rents to come down.  We need American workers to get a bigger piece of the economic pie that they create.  Americans work hard.  They deserve it.  They earned it.  We need to drive down rents and increase homeownership by building build more housing that doesn't price young people out of the market, so that full time workers with kids stop becoming homeless when they miss a paycheck.  We need a basic level of health-care for every American that is affordable, and that isn't tied to a job.  Getting laid off shouldn't cost you your healthcare.  We need to make college affordable, and we need to stop saddling our young people with astronomical student loans just to get an education.  We need to transition to clean energy, and we need to do it quickly.  And I believe that we can easily do all of these things, and that when we do, people's lives will be much, much better at every single level.

I believe in the United States I grew up in; a United States that had a huge middle class, where ordinary workers could afford a comfortable life, and a commitment to progress on all fronts.  In fact, I believe that we can do even better.  I believe that we can have the same broad-based prosperity, but also include everyone in that prosperity, whether black, brown or white, gay or straight, male or female.  We owe it to ourselves to have a country where your average person is able to feed their family, own their house, pay their bills, give their kids a quality education, have enough left over to go on a vacation every now and again, and be secure in their old age.

This campaign is just getting started, but before it is over, I will lay out in detail how we can have that country, not just for us, but also for our kids and future generations.  I hope you will hear me out and help me achieve it.

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